Tuesday 19 February 2019

Modelling frog creatue design part 1

For my modelling class, I am working on a creature design. I always wanted to model a frog. Now surprise fort those who know me.it's one of my favorite animals.

I started with collecting lots of reference and I decided I will be basing my design after a green tree frog. I started modeling from a sphere in z brush and just getting the basic pose and shapes.

Part of the project is to create a made up creature. So I took the liberty in adding tails for my frog.

Then I just worked on the hands and feet as well as refining the shapes.

 Working in many views helps in order to get the views or your creature looking the correct. I created subtools for the eyes.

I wanted this creature to be a mix of butterfly and tree frog so I added some wings as well as fins at the ends of the tails.

I added some bumpy texture for the skin to give the creature more realism.

Now to finish my re-topology and I am off to texturing and colors!

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