Wednesday 23 May 2018

Mermay Mermaids 2018

So here are some of the Mermay mermaids I finished. Playing around with a more cartoony style and drifting from the classic style mermaid with these.

 I wanted to make my mermaid a bit different from the classic so I based her off an eel. I was also thinking a primadona type and kind of Marlyn Manroe. This one started as a pencil sketch that I colored and inked in photoshop. Enjoy :)
 My next mermay mermaid. I based this one on the ruleska the 2 tailed mermaid. With a combination of the classical 50s cartoon style. The original sketch was in pencils then finished in photoshop. Enjoy :)
 New Mermay mermaid. This gloomy one is a nice contrast to the previous mermaid. Lots of fun with this character.
Her name is flower, she is all about bliss. I listened to pocket full of sunshine while painting her 😌