Monday 24 September 2018

Spaceship design concepts

Space ship project part 1
Ewelina Dolzycka

So for my VFX project, I am designing a space ship. I knew from the beginning that I wanted my
spaceship to have a unique, out-worldly, celestial feel. At first I was inspired by the classic UFOs flying saucer shape. I also took reference from the intricate patterns of the kaleidoscope and the designs of an astronomy and navigation device called an astrolabe.

I really like the idea of symmetric moving parts used for powering and navigation in the ship. Along with the combination with a flying saucer. I came up with something like this for my first design

I like this design. Though I started to feel that I could create a more interesting shape. So I came up
with this.

I though this design may add some more visual interest in the overall silhouette. I still liked the
previous one. I had the idea to combine them. Here is what I got.

My idea with this is to have the ship serve as a base for the UFO.That is able to separate from the rest of the ship when it needs to descend onto a planet. I find this makes the ship more interesting. Along with creating lots of moving parts for the rigging process. It has been a challenge with the technology because I didn't want my alien space craft to be powered by human looking jets or motors and looking like a generic spaceship. So I did some research and I've always been interested by the golden ratio and sacred geometry. Which are basically mathematical
patterns that are reoccurring in nature. I found a video on how vibration and frequency are used to
manipulate sand partials.

This made me think of the kind of technology that aliens and being from other dimensions would use
for propelling their vessels. There is something satisfying about looking at symmetrical geometric
patterns so I wanted to incorporate them into my design and functions of the space ship. I imagined
some kind of ethereal light or lazes emitting from my ship creating patterns in time and space that can
manipulate matter.


Lastly I was also really inspired by fancy watches that are beautifully crafted by master artisans. I want my ship to have that same feel. So I looked some up.

the the watch gears are going to be interesting to rig. Still perfecting my model. Will post when finished :)

(Please note: I do not own any of the reference images, They are just used for research purposes. The only images I own are myspace ship concept art)

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