Thursday 9 November 2017

Justice card

So been back at it. This is card 32 and I got justice. This card is all about balance. It is a good time to really see what we put out into the world. This card indicates that it will come back to you and there will be fairness.

Friday 3 November 2017

Inktober 2017

Inktober Day 1.
So my first Inktober piece of 2017! I was deciding on what to ink. Then I got the idea to pick a tarot card and ink it. Today I picked the death card. This is my interpretation of death as kind of being invited to reunite with the universe. Though it may look scary, the death card is an excellent card for transformation into a new state and letting go of the baggage of the past. So to this, I welcome the new energy into my life and wish all of you a nice renewal during the new month! 
 2. 2nd day of inktober! Today I got the queen of wands. This card is all about having the passion, confidence and energy to go for what you want! Great card to pick it has been a productive day and inking her was lots of fun!
 3. So for inktober day 3 I drew the strength card. This card is all about bravery, being strong enough to let yourself be vulnerable and tapping into your inner power! Strength doesn't always have to be an intense thing, it there could be a gentleness to it too.
 4. So day four of inktober! Today I got the Fool card! This is all about setting off an a new course of action! Anything is possible  go out there and try new things. But bring your discernment with you!

5. So today, day 5 of inktober I got the devil card. Another scary card for people. I imagined the devil being more of a puppeteer, representing the habits, behaviors and beliefs that are not serving us in our lives. What is it that we feel we are powerless to that in fact we have a choice in? Is a good question to ask when dealing with this card
 6. So today for inktober day 6 I got the 10 of wands! This card is all about taking on too much and being weight down by your responsibilities and projects. I wonder if inktober has something to do with this? :P Haha though I'm still holding up! The message I got from this card is a reminder to keep things simple and to do a bit at a time. Every little bit of work gets you closer to your goal!
 7. So today on October 7th I got the page of cups. This card is all about listening to your intuition and giving some time to connect with it. Letting yourself be creative and letting your emotional needs be met!
 8. Day 8 of inktober. Today I got the wheel of fortune! This is a card that reminds us all that change is inevitable and no matter what happens, things will always change. It is a good card if you feel stuck or are in an uncomfortable situation.
 9. So today for day 9 of inktober. I got the two of cups. This card is all about coming together and connecting with someone else. Could be a good friend, a partner or your cat. .
 10. Today on day 10th of inktober I got the 8 of wands. This card is about taking action and having the momentum behind it. Also about things happening soon and quickly. So go for what you desire and enjoy the ride!
11. So today for inktober day 11 I got the queen of cups! This card is all about a loving emotional mother figure. It gives us the message to nourish ourselves and let let your intuition flow. .
 12. So today I got the queen of pentacles. This card is all about practicality and taking care of yourself through loving action, like cleaning out your home, making good food, nurturing yourself any way you can.
 13. So today on october 13th I got the 9 of cups. This card is all about gaining, wishes fulfilled and contentment with what you have. If not now then soon and it is a card for potential of acquiring that which you desire. 
 14. So today on October 14th I got the 10 of cups. This card about sharing your joy with others and coming together with people and being able to create an uplifting happy atmosphere. I'm off to a birthday party today to it is a perfect card to get!
 15. So today for inktober day 15 I got the 6 of cups. This card is all about nostalgia, inner child and innocence. This could be reminding you something from your childhood that is important at the moment. A good time to tune into your inner child and innocence. Enjoy doing something you used to love as a child! 
 16. So I'm a little late on this one. On inktober 16th was the day of the king of pentacles. This card is all about practicality, finances and stability. It is a good time to sort out financial matters and work on your business or getting stuff done! 
 17. Today on inktober 17th I got the 4 of swords. This card is all about rest, incubation, and reflection. Let yourself have a break today. Resting now will give yourself more clarity and direction for the future.
 18. For inktober day 18 I got the 5 of swords. This card is all about too much pride, having to win and not seeing other side of circumstances. Its OK to ask for help when you need it. Your ego is a tool to keep you safe but don't let it run the show!
19. So for inktober 19th I got the magician! This card is all about having the energy and ability transform and make things happen. Any project you were thinking of starting its a good time, any situation you are in you have the power to transcend it. You have the power!
20. So today for inktober 20th I got the six of swords. This card is all about a trip, transition, moving away physically or mentally/emotionally. It is a good time to go on a retreat or just move away or taking a break from anything that could be wearing you out at the moment.
 21. So today for inktober 21st I got the 9 of swords. This card is here to call your attention to what might be worrying you at the time. It could be something you have been ignoring and not working through. This could lead to it reoccurring in your dreams or can lead to lack of sleep and anxiety. It is a good time to get to the root of this worry and let it come up and work through it one day at a time and you will feel better.
 22. For inktober day 22 I got the 4 of wands. This card is all about results, celebration and home. It could be a completion of a stage in your life that is worth being proud of. You are seeing the fruits of your labor . See this as a right of passage.
 23. For Inktober 23 I got the Tower card. This card is all about a sudden change. A person or event could come in and be a catalyst for your life. You can receive sudden news that will alert you to the truth or even have a deep realization. Whatever it is, it will cause a shift. Or sometimes the card is letting you know that change is what is required.
 24. For inktober day 24 I got the moon card. This card is all about the subconscious. It is asking to dive deep withing your self, what are you afraid of? Sometimes exploring the depths of our fears and subconscious could be like exploring an unknown terrain. We don't know what we don't know. Something from within you could be needing you're attention right now. It could show up in your intuition, gut feelings or dreams. It takes bravery to go in and see whats there, there could be a gem hidden in the darkness.
 25. For inktober 25th I got the high priestess. This card is all about becoming introspective and listen to your inner voice, rather then the outside world. You know what is right for you, there is an innate wisdom in all of us that we can access when we sit quietly with ourselves and listen to your intuition.
 26. For inktober 26th I got the 3 of wands. This card is about setting things into motion. It could be about starting a business, setting out on and adventure, sending an application or anything that starts the foundation for something new that involves fore site and long term planning. Whatever it is, it has been set in motion.
 27.  For inktober 27 I got the 4 of pentacles. This card is all about coming into a place of protection and security of your resources, time or energy. The question to ask is, are you saving for a good cause or is it out of fear?
 28. For inktober day 28 I got the Hermit. This card is about a need for introspection, alone time, withdraw or going on a retreat. It tells us to spend some time and connect with ourselves. The outside world can wait.
 29. On inktober 29th I got the king of cups. This card is all about emotional maturity, wisdom and calmness. This card could be about a specific person or an aspect of self. It could represents good counselor or supportive figure and someone who is very caring.
 30. On inktober 30th I got the 3 of swords. This can be a difficult card to get because it deals with heart break, needing to realize the truth about a situation and having to move on. It can often be painful when something you hoped would work out or something is no longer serving us. This could also talk about a difficult loss. It is good to remember that sometimes things fall apart so that it makes room for other things to fall together. Sometimes if our life doesn't hurt enough we are not motivated to change anything.
 31. On inktober 31th I got the two of pentacles. This card is about flexibility and multitasking. It is a good message to go with the flow. Sometimes circumstances don't always turn up the way we want. Things could happen in unexpected ways. We may have to juggle a lot but it helps to go with the flow and be like water. Be adaptable and you will always find a way.
This is the last card for inktober! Thank you everyone who liked and commented on my work! Let me know what you think! I do plan on illustrating the rest of the cards!