Tuesday, 4 July 2017

New scene finished

This is a scene from the Book series "The League of Elder" by Ren Garcia. I've showed some of my progress through out the work in this one. The scene depicts the death of a character and the emotions of the other characters so I had to show that in this work.

Monday, 12 June 2017

Character holding up a mask

Character, from the book series "The league of Elder" by Ren Garcia. Here is the progress of the design. Some more black and white painting!

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Help Ewelina raise $4000 so she can heal and help others!

Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to update on what has been going on in my life along with sharing some exciting news! As some of you may know, I've worked a lot with anxiety and depression in my life. It has been very challenging at times I have found things that help such as yoga, writing and art. Through my research I have also found the work of a famous teacher Teal Swan and it has been tremendously helpful for me. Especially through a process she created called the completion process. Which helps people work through emotional triggers, help heal trauma and connect better with themselves. This process works by being guided through difficult emotional states and working through the emotions and sensations that come up. While releasing old belief patterns that don't serve us anymore. I found being facilitated through this process has helped me heal and have a better understanding of myself. I was so inspired by this work that I applied to be trained as a practitioner.

And I was beyond excited when I found out that I got accepted! The training will be during the 19th-26th of July at the Philia retreat center in Costa Rica! I am still processing all the excitement! With the exchange rate and travel costs, it be about $4,000 Canadian. I need to secure the funds soon as possible so I will be accepting donations while offering art commissions, yoga and tarot card readings, if anyone is interested let me know :) It's a dream come true, I am so excited and to where this is going to take me on my journey and I would really love your support in helping make this happen! <3  

Thanks everyone :)

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Angry bird in Toy store

I had fun with the contrast of this piece with the grumpy bird up with the toy birds. This is a piece from "The League of Elder" by Ren Garcia. Its actually kinda nice to go back into gray scale painting. Good exercise in working with tones and not just relying on colors to sell the image.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Creepy Doll

Creepy doll design that I have a lot of fun with! Anyone who knows me knows I like dolls and drawing creepy things so this was a nice commission. This is actually a robot design from the Book series "The league of Elder" by Ren Garcia. I decided to show some of my process in this piece, and yes there is only supposed to be half of her...

Friday, 5 May 2017


 So I decided to make this blog about my personal posts and insights along with my art. One of the most intense realizations I've had during my yoga teacher training, was about just how abusive I have been to myself in the name of self-improvement and productivity. I have been so harsh to myself in order to train me to be "Better" and "Good" from anything to my art, body, work and personal development. I have allowed others to be harsh, overly critical in an abusive way, all in the name of this "goodness" that it will in the end pay off and be worth the pain. Except it never will, because this kind of thinking breeds the feeling of never being good enough. I've decided that I will no longer live my life according to this harshness anymore. That I am done with hurting myself and allowing others to do so because somewhere along the line I have received the message that I am not good enough and need to be "adjusted". Harshness has no place in my life anymore. It doesn't serve me. I will no longer welcome this abuse from myself or others. Self care and softness is my new practice. To honor myself and where I am at. I am in a state of perfection in every stage of my life because I am where I'm meant to be. I used to think that being soft in a harsh world was weakness, now I see it's the bravest thing you can do ♡