Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Mermay Mermaids 2018

So here are some of the Mermay mermaids I finished. Playing around with a more cartoony style and drifting from the classic style mermaid with these.

 I wanted to make my mermaid a bit different from the classic so I based her off an eel. I was also thinking a primadona type and kind of Marlyn Manroe. This one started as a pencil sketch that I colored and inked in photoshop. Enjoy :)
 My next mermay mermaid. I based this one on the ruleska the 2 tailed mermaid. With a combination of the classical 50s cartoon style. The original sketch was in pencils then finished in photoshop. Enjoy :)
 New Mermay mermaid. This gloomy one is a nice contrast to the previous mermaid. Lots of fun with this character.
Her name is flower, she is all about bliss. I listened to pocket full of sunshine while painting her 😌

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Serene Deer Painting

So this one has a story behind it. About two years ago on my birthday I decided to go on a mini hike through a nature trail. As I crossed over a bridge, a deer calmly walked by and started drinking from the pond. She didn't seem to mind my presence. I was very surprised to see her, since we were still pretty close to the city. I was in awe as I watched her drink from the pond and then gracefully walk across and disappear into the tall grass. It was definitely a nice treat to be able to witness on my birthday, she totally brought me into the present moment.

I was able to snap some pictures That I used for this painting is done in acrylics on canvas

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Creepy character

Hey everyone! So I got some more creepy horror, themed commissions I've been working on. This one is done in Photoshop. Here is the progression of the image from sketch to finish :)

 1. So this part is all about thinking up the composition and making the four armed character look scary and berserk. Mostly just playing around with the shapes and making it an interesting crop.
 2. Adding the hand definitely added to the fierce and creepiness with her long nails. Making her more dangerous and ready to strike. While figuring out the shape of the hair and getting the undertone of the skin.
 3. This part is refining the details and working out the lighting. I know I wanted a lighting from below to add to that unnatural and unsettling feeling. I am also having her looking slightly down to make her look more powerful.
4. Finishing up with some more dramatic lighting and eerie details. Enjoy :)

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Creey Skull commission

As written in the title, this indeed is a creepy skull I was commissioned to paint. Painted in Photoshop, reference from a skull study I did previously. For some reason I enjoy drawing creepy and cute things :)

Saturday, 10 February 2018

The Star Tarot Card

This is a card I have gotten quite often and is actually my favorite of the tarot deck. The star card is the card of renewal, healing and new beginnings. It is the end of a difficult time and the start of a transformation, a new chapter of peace and the indication of better times ahead. It is a good time for deep healing and gentle self care. Along with trusting in yourself and your ability to bring you success and happiness.
#Star #Hope #Tarot

Monday, 29 January 2018

The Sun Tarot

So I posted this card on Instagram a while back but didn't update it so here we go. I got The Sun card! This card is an invitation to focus on something that brings you happiness fulfillment and to play! It is a good time to be open and share yourself with others. This is a card of clarity self-empowerment and the message here is follow your joy!

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