Thursday 25 April 2019

Full Pale Blue Dot scene

So for a school project we were given a famous speech by Carl Sagan called Pale blue dot. It is a speech about planet earth and each person in my class had a scene to do. Mine was the first one. The opening is done in nuke, the rest is from Maya and aftereffects here we go!

Monday 8 April 2019

Pale Blue dot

So for today I am posting what I have done so far in my opening scene. We are creating visuals for the Pale Blue Dot, written by Carl Sagan.

I created the scene in Nuke and still have some details to iron out like the flickering clouds. But here is what I currently have!

Thursday 4 April 2019

After effects and transporters!

So here is my first transport effect. I still have a lot to learn in after effects bout you have to start somewhere right! I will have much more working coming out in this program soon since we are in crunch time now!

Tuesday 2 April 2019

Neverland map Part 2!

So after taking some time to get the modeling texturing and rendering out here is what I did!

I wanted to go for a toy, cartoony look so I kept the models relatively simple and kept the colors bright and happy. 

The island started off as a Maya model which I later imported into zbrush to give it a more organic look. I was originally planning to use Houdini height field for the map. However I found that because I was going for a cartoon stylized look. I decided to stick with zbrush. 

The colors have also been done in zbrush spot light tool, to get the more textured parts. As for the simpler parts that only have flat color I used Maya colored shaders. 

I had a lot of fun building this little world and would love to improve upon it. Coming from a background as a background painter, I really enjoy creating worlds, makes me feel like a kid playing with Lego all over again!