Monday 25 March 2019

Nerverland map

So for another class assignment I am given the challenge to create a map. I decided to make the Neverland map from Peter Pan. So far I just have the blocky look going. I'm thinking making a transition from both worlds with London to Neverland. I will see if I keep that look or just focus on Neverland.  I created all the element in Maya so far, but I modified the map shape in zbrush. Enjoy!

Tuesday 12 March 2019

Pop figure of..Me!

So for another class assignment. We were given the challenge of creating a 3d model of myself. It was a fun challenge and I jumped straight into it.

First thing I did was look up some reference of the Funko Pop figures to match the style. Then I jumped into zbrush. This could also be done in maya, but I am more comfortable with modeling organic objects in Zbrush. Also I love Zbrush!

I started off creating 2 separate spheres for the  head and body. Those are on separate sub-tools.

 For the Lims and fingurs. I sinply masked the areas out and pulled them out using the move tool.

I created separate sub tools for the hair, dress and boots. The dress was created with a mask I drew on the body, then I extracted it under sub-tools.

After painting the colors on in substance painter. I assigned the colors into Maya's Arnold render. Then I did a few renders

Here is my finished outcome. I will put the little me model into an environment in the future. But for now here is the completed render. Enjoy :)

Tuesday 5 March 2019

Matte Painting a Mushroom Alien world!

So for a matte painting assignment. I was assigned to create a world that has a sci-fi feel. I decided I wanted to create an alien mushroom planet. Because This is a matte painting and it requires photo manipulation. So I went to Pexels and to mostly get the images that I required.

Then I went on to work on some simple thumbnails to work out the composition and some perspective. It doesn't have to be perfect at this point, just get the basic look and feel.

Then after putting together images in photoshop and editing the images to match the color and perspective. It was a lot of push and pull getting the composition and images to look just right. I didn't end up following the compositions I drew up in my thumbnails exactly and that's Ok. Its a process. Here is what I have so far.

This is a photo manipulation matte painting so I do not own the right to the photos