Monday 26 November 2018

Filming day part 1!

I spent my Sunday as a VFX supervisor with the team filming the first scene from our student film, Oh Shipped! Based on my spaceship design, the writers came up with a story called "Elven Enterprise" Where two cosplayers where renting out my ship!

I got to spend the day with "Spock" and "Legolas"!

 The preparation took some time with the prosthetic ears. Since I have to play the role of makeup artist as well. Though I received a lot of help couldn't of asked for a better group of people to work with!

I even got to wear the wig for a bit while the Elven braids were being done! Thanks for the help Sydney!

Took time to make the ears blend, but it looked awesome in the end!

It was a great experience being on a film and green screen set, with a film crew and actors. We were going with a cyberpunk space theme!

The actors Luai and Maddy were amazing! They delivered their lines Perfectly and maintained their eye lines for VFX. "Spock" maintained his unemotional calm while while mastering the raised eyebrow. "Legolas" was more excited with an emotional vocal range. It was great seeing the contrast between them!

Overall great experience and was lots of fun! Got to meet some great people and have awesome conversations! Thank you everyone! Can't wait till next filming!


Monday 19 November 2018

Fiished Spaceship!

So I finally finished my ship. I got to a place where i am happy with it. Solved some design issues and been learning a lot. It is ready for texturing and rigging!

Monday 12 November 2018

Landing gear and environments

So for the rigging part of the ship. I constructed landing gear that will come in and out of the ship. This part is a little more mechanical compared top the rest of the ship since it requires specific movement and needs to look believable.

As for the environment. I composited an ice crystal world in class which is what I envisioned the spaceship flying through.

Monday 5 November 2018

Space Ship model in progress

So here is my current space ship model. This ship is for a George Brown college student film called Shipped! This is my current progress.
This is my original concept for the ship to show for comparison.
I've added some extra details since and still tweaking some parts like the two jets in the back.

As for the front, I will have spinning gears and moving parts that I will rig behind the class on the top.

I have a scale reference here on the size of the ship

I will be adding landing gear at the bottom and aligning the shapes a bit more. The circle pattern inside the central back jet will act as a propeller with individually spinning circles. Will update my progress next week so stay tuned! :) 

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