Monday 28 January 2019

Creating a real life Tin Toy!

So for this weeks post, my work and some of my process in recreating a realistic looking Old vintage tin toy.

1. Like with every creative process this involves finding reference. I found this toy design online that I really liked.Mind you I don not own the rights to this particular toy design or brand, this is for a school project.
2. I started modeling in maya from a simple polygon cube. The modelling mostly involved just moving around the vertices, bevels and extruding the geometry a lot. Always gotta start with the most basic shapes and work them up. keep it simple and watch edge flow!

3. From here I did the UV mapping in Maya, I had to put the rooster and bunny into Zbrush to sculpt the extra details in the geometry. Along with working on the textures and details in substance painter.

4. After rendering in Arnold, here is my final outcome!

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