Wednesday 1 May 2019

Frog creature design complete

So I finally finished the renders on my Fairy frog that I have been working on in school. My process involves:

1.Starting the model in Zbrush.

2. Importing the finished Zbrush model to be retypologized in Maya, then UVed.

3. Bringing retypologized model back in Zbrush to project onto the original model. This enables all the details and textures but with better typology.

4. In Zbrush I exported displacement masks for the subdivided retypoligized model.

5. I then brough in my retypoligized model into substance painter for painting and textures.

6. The exporting the substance painter paint and textures back into Maya and rendered in Arnold.

Learned a lot on this project and looking forward to making more more and learning more!

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