Thursday 8 March 2018

Creepy character

Hey everyone! So I got some more creepy horror, themed commissions I've been working on. This one is done in Photoshop. Here is the progression of the image from sketch to finish :)

 1. So this part is all about thinking up the composition and making the four armed character look scary and berserk. Mostly just playing around with the shapes and making it an interesting crop.
 2. Adding the hand definitely added to the fierce and creepiness with her long nails. Making her more dangerous and ready to strike. While figuring out the shape of the hair and getting the undertone of the skin.
 3. This part is refining the details and working out the lighting. I know I wanted a lighting from below to add to that unnatural and unsettling feeling. I am also having her looking slightly down to make her look more powerful.
4. Finishing up with some more dramatic lighting and eerie details. Enjoy :)

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