Thursday 4 September 2014

Random shitty art! and proud of it!

So as an artist who works professionally. I must confess that I do still fear doing bad work. It has gotten to the point where I would just be discouraged from drawing and painting in general, of fear that I will "screw up" the current piece I am working on. This has caused me to have a major artists/creativity block keeping me from moving forward and thus making me feel depressed. So I decided to just paint random stuff, not expecting it to be great, and in fact embracing that it will be quite bad! It felt good letting myself off the hook of not having to create great portfolio pieces or commissions all the time. It feels nice to just do what I loved as a kid. Just doing art not caring how it turns out, if something good comes out, great! if not, all well. I found by doing these few pieces, I have become more bold with my work. Just embrace the bad art! :)

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