Sunday 5 August 2012

legend of korra Fanart

Fan art of korra,done in Photoshop:)


  1. Hi Ewelina - really nice piece - it has sensitivity and movement at the same time. As far as critiques go, the first thing that strikes me is her left arm - the upper arm doesn't seem to emerge proerly from the shoulder, and it looks rather tubular as well -- I don't see any muscle definition. The forearm seems short - perhaps its meant to be foreshortened, but if so you're not giving me any cues that it is. If its not foreshortened, then its just too short. The little finger is short, too. There seems to be less space between the water and the border on the right than on the left - how come? Because the colour and the composition all seem to bring our eye back to her face I feel she should be a little more centred on the page. I think her lower right leg could be extended down a bit creating some intersting negative spaces in that loop the water has formed .... there are some things in her pants legs but they are minor. Could you put some splashes of warm olours somewhere - perhaps her skin - just to contrast with the overall cool feel ..... Whew - lots to say ... but I do really like this piece!