Tuesday 12 March 2019

Pop figure of..Me!

So for another class assignment. We were given the challenge of creating a 3d model of myself. It was a fun challenge and I jumped straight into it.

First thing I did was look up some reference of the Funko Pop figures to match the style. Then I jumped into zbrush. This could also be done in maya, but I am more comfortable with modeling organic objects in Zbrush. Also I love Zbrush!

I started off creating 2 separate spheres for the  head and body. Those are on separate sub-tools.

 For the Lims and fingurs. I sinply masked the areas out and pulled them out using the move tool.

I created separate sub tools for the hair, dress and boots. The dress was created with a mask I drew on the body, then I extracted it under sub-tools.

After painting the colors on in substance painter. I assigned the colors into Maya's Arnold render. Then I did a few renders

Here is my finished outcome. I will put the little me model into an environment in the future. But for now here is the completed render. Enjoy :)

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